As a security precaution (and because my workflow allows), I use IP filtering on my server firewalls. Not having a dedicated IP address at home means I need a way to keep my IP addresses in-sync with my servers.

My workstations are persistently connected to AirVPN which has a poll-able API providing the needed exit IP address.

Aside: If you need a featureful VPN, I recommend AirVPN. They’re an Italian based operation offering the most bang-for-the-buck service of any I’ve used.

The only piece I was missing was a method for polling and parsing responses from AirVPNs API.

The Script

In an afternoon I put together this script. It’s a fairly basic python CLI application which uses requests to poll and json to parse the AirVPN api.

Instructions for use are detailed in the in the repo.

For now I’ve only added commands to query the information I need. In the future I intend to add commands for the remainder of AirVPNs API.